Those who find themselves on the pioneering growth edge of communal living are calling for a return to our roots. Countless movements are stepping up, harnessing the power of today’s technology as a means for sharing ideas, knowledge, and resources, and are advocating for a cultural resurgence of a new form of village living. Learning from both the successes and missteps of our parents’ generation, conscious Millennials and Gen-Xers are uniquely poised to Re-Inhabit the Village in ways the world has never seen.

Make no mistake, these aren’t your daddy’s hippy communes.

10 great reasons to consider
re-creating the Village;

1. Interconnection Trumps Isolation Any Day
2. Get More out of your Time and Energy
3. Returning to the Heart
4. Reconnecting with the Land
5. The Meaning of ‘Family’ Changes
6. Be Supported in Living your Purpose
7. Wisdom is Transferred from Elders to Youth
8. Resilience, Resilience, Resilience
9. Shared Resources, Knowledge, Models, Tools, and Templates
10. Creating New Culture and Paradigms

For a full explanation of the 10 Reasons, send us your details below.

What could NightCap Village offer you?

Connected Community
Return to the Heart
Reconnect with the Land
Sustainable Living
Off-Grid Power Generation
Renewable Water Supplies
Communal Vegie Gardens
NBN Network
Close to Town and Schools
Close to Airport

Ambassador for NightCap village

NightCap Village is marketing through various means, including through people like International Health Coach Tyler Tolman. We are so proud to have Tyler Tolman as our ambassador for NightCap Village. Please enjoy Tyler's beautiful video, and share his joy on discovering NightCap Village!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an intentional community?

An intentional community is a planned residential community characterised by a substantial degree of social connection and working together. The residents of an intentional community typically posses similar desires regarding lifestyle, environment and community.

Where is the property?

The property is situated in between the gorgeous towns of Uki and Nimbin at Mount Burrell. This is in the lush area known as the Mount Warning caldera in Northern New South Wales. The exact address is kept private, but will obviously be disclosed to those who book a tour and wish to inspect the property.

Is there water on the property?

Yes, the property borders the fresh water section of the Tweed River and also lovely sections of Byrrill Creek. The property boasts several good quality dams, one is over 800 metres in length. There are waterholes, one in particular on Byrrill Creek is nothing short of spectacular (see photo gallery). There is also the possibility of drilling for water, which many neighbouring properties have done very successfully. Rainfall in this area is also very sound.

Is there power on the land?

There is mains power to the industrial shed in the middle of the property which includes 3 phase power for heavy machinery, and also to some homesteads that will be occupied by on site managers etc. It is our view that homes will generate their own power, but whether that is done as a group, or whether everyone will all be responsible for their own power is still on the table for research and discussion.

Will there be a ‘Community Centre’?

Yes, most certainly. We see a functional community centre as being a vital part of this community. It will provide many things such as a meeting place, a good quality kitchen, wood fired oven and conventional ovens/stoves, areas to hold functions, swimming pool, gymnasium etc. Our research to date indicates that virtually all successful communities have a great Community Centre and regular social activities.

Is there a fire management plan?

Yes there will most certainly be a fire management plan, including sufficient water in dams, and an escape plan should the situation warrant it. As part of the DA there is an extensive fire plan being supplied by Peter Thornton from BPAD (Bushfire Planning and Design) who are certified bushfire experts.

Are there any restrictions on what I can build?

Yes. All dwellings will need to be of suitable quality so as to ensure safety standards are met. (We are aiming for Australian Building Standards as a minimum). The design and layout of the structure and its location on the block will be up to each individual. We are very open to ‘alternative’ style dwellings such as Earth-ships, Shipping Container Homes and so forth, however, safety and other aspects are important as well. All dwellings will need to be passed by Council in terms of safety etc.

Is it necessary to have a 4WD to live on this land?

Not necessarily. All roads on the property will be built and maintained to a high standard (not all will be sealed) and all residential and communal areas will be accessible by standard vehicles over time. Having said that, the roads will take quite some time before they are upgraded to all points on the land. Also, from time to time the area can experience heavy tropical rains, and as with any rural area, caution ought to be taken where necessary. So in the first 4-5 years, we believe a 4WD is sensible.

What is expected of a member of the community?

DO NO HARM is the fundamental rule of the community. All of the ‘formal’ requirements will also be set out in the By-Laws/Shareholders’ Agreement and the Company Constitutions. It is expected that a level of genuine ‘Community’ feeling will exist between all of those who reside on the land, and taking an active part in community exercises and meetings is an important part of the decision to invite you on to the block.  There is no desire to ‘live in each others pockets’ or to be ‘communal free loving hippies’ by any means, but an active group mentality is vital for those times that it is required. Community = Common Unity and there are many common goals and values that we all share. Fostering and supporting processes that allow us to grow as a group is the primary focus of this project.

Can you have pets and are there any restrictions?

Pets are allowed, with no restrictions envisioned at this time, other than typical standards of acceptable behaviour that will be detailed within the By-Laws. Dogs will be required to be adequately housed, as when dogs (even domesticated dogs) get together in a ‘pack’ formation, it can and does at times cause problems for livestock, and children.

How can I find out more?

If you have read this far and are genuinely interested in knowing more, contact us through the form below. At this point you will be given all you need to know in order to make an informed investment decision.

Or, fill in the form at the bottom of this page to register your interest and we will personally get in touch with you.


Having lived in the Byron Shire for over a decade, Greg and I found it inevitable to become more and more aware of good health, and what that means on a wholistic scale. For us it means not only our individual lifestyle but also that of communities.

When we first heard about the community project in the Northern Rivers, NSW, our initial reaction was that we preferred to walk our own path because surely a good, clean, healthy lifestyle is most truly maintained within our ‘couple bubble’. As we’ve continued to grow and deepen in our healing as well as education of key contributing factors to a happy, healthy lifestyle; we have experienced and learned that being a part of and connected with community is a vital factor in a flourishing lifestyle and longevity.

So in the summer of 2017, Greg and I took a tour of the community project at Nightcap Village.

We instantly felt we were walking in a place that could only be described as home. Learning of the intention, plans and ethos for this community; we knew we had found the connection we had been seeking. We are absolutely thrilled to be aligned with this project. It feels an honour and privilege to know we will be residing in NightCap Village in the future. Our gratitude is never-ending for The Team who are involved in all the ‘background work’ necessary for laying the foundations on which the Community will be able to build, grow and flourish. Looking forward to meeting you all one day.

Namaste, Nada & Greg, Byron Bay

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